Essentially a hydraulic modeler designed to increase, upstream of the restriction, the fl uid head during its outfl ow. The Palmer-Bowlus upstream fl uid head, increases or decreases in function of the fl uid quantity fl owing over it. The head measured by a level transmitter is then used to calculate the instantaneous fl ow rate value. The Palmer-Bowlus is mainly used in pipes or ducts accessible through the manholes. The easy installation, and the contained installation cost, are the reason for the applications number increasing of this system to measure the fl ow rate.

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Non-intrusive level measurement systems are the preferred technology for many applications and for this reason it developed these level/distance transmitters. These units are compact with a unique simplicity of commissioning. Calibration and transmitter configuration is possible, even remotely, thanks to a MODBUS RTU connection together with the related software for the PC, or via display . The IP68 transmitter protection allows installation in underground wells.

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It's a single unit suitable for different applications.Level measurements, difference between levels, open channel flow (hydraulic jump) and pumps control. Different measurement functions directly settable via the keyboard. It can be connected to ultrasonic sensors and/or to 4÷20mA level transmitters. It has been developed for the connection to 1 or 2 MODBUS sensors, but it can support up to 8 units if externally powered. A remarkable note is the data logger on removable pen-drive, which enables the total traceability of the measurements. It is particularly suitable for the analysis of the flow rate timing in open channel applications.

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