BEMA Instruments is a supplier of industrial instrumentation: hydroelectric power plants, ichthyic breeding, water and water water treatment plants, chemical industry, stormwater run-off plants, thermal water plants, tile industry, oil & gas, naval industry, dyeing plants, tanneries, etc….
The offered instrumentation includes: electromagnetic flowmeters (MID001 too), ultrasonic, turbine, Coriolis, thermal mass, Woltmann and vortex flowmeters; open-channel flowmeters type radar, area-velocity, Palmer & Bowlus, Venturi channel and weirs; energy meters (MID004 too); float, bypass, capacitive, hydrostatic, magnetostrictive, radar and ultrasonic level transmitters; free chlorine, turbidity, suspended solids, conductivity, pH, redox, salinity, temperature and dissolved oxygen meters; automatic samplers; gas and dust analyzers; inverters for electric motors.