Laboratory reference electrode, glass body, lateral filling spout, reference Hg / HgSO4. Filling electrolyte saturated solution of K2SO4. It is normally used in the laboratory.

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Reference electrodes with electrolyte reserve and filling spout suitable for connection to external tanks. These electrodes can be installed in the immersion probes Mod.SI0A and SI0B and in the flow cells Mod.D0Axxx D0Cxxx and D0Dxxx. In both cases, if necessary, it is possible to connect the electrolyte tank (Mod. 123/28) to the electrode via a 6x9 silicone tube (Mod. 123/6x9): in this way long periods of operation are guaranteed without the need topping up. The 301V group electrodes are suitable for use in processes containing substance with a tendency to deposit.

Data sheet