- S :: can terminal operation up to 3 sensors / probes s :: can;

- Display of up to 4 parameters;

- Configuration and calibration of all s :: can monitoring systems;

- SCADA interface via 4-20 mA analog outputs, optional modbus RTU;

- Optional: gateway for modbusRTU;

- Relay outputs for cleaning valve control;

- Logbook available;

- Optional: integrated datalogger.

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S :: can terminal with stainless steel case, high performance industrial PC that is based on the latest Intel Atom technology with 4 GB of internal memory.
- Large color screen (7 ") and touch screen;
- Intuitive use, similar to that of a mobile phone;
- Icons and drag-and-drop function at real levels;
- Plug & play operation of 4 standard s :: can probes;
- Unlimited number of optional probes;
- Support for two external cleaning valves;
- Low power operation with less than 3 watts (measuring interval of 15 minutes) for power supply with solar panel.

Data sheet


S :: can power supply with interface functionality included.
- Operation of a spectrometric probe s :: can and sensor s :: can probe / ISE;
- USB interface to PC / notebook;
- RS485 interface to SCADA (integrated modbusRTU, optional profi busDP);
- Essential for cable longer than 37.5m (functionality repeater);
- Check of the cleaning valve (only for spectrometric probes);
- Power supply 12 VDC and 230 VAC or 24 VDC.

Data sheet