BEMA Instruments was founded on 2006 and it Automation Progetti’s industrial instrumentation.
Owner Bedin Mauro is an electronic expert qualified on 1981.
In the same year he began to work in Automation Progetti as technicians.
The first experiences were in the wiring of instrument panels, then in the assembly of electronic cards, later on the test of instruments and at the end in the start-up and technical service of plants.
After a long experience in the “field” problems, he became a salesperson; in this way he could put at customer’s disposal all the useful suggestion to avoid mistakes on the choice of instruments.
This good technical / commercial knowledge always was well valued by customers and it always bore excellent final results.
Collaboration with Automation Progetti lasted up to its shut down on 2016.
Anyway BEMA Instruments is able to effect repairings and supply spare parts of of the Automation Progetti’s instruments.
Now BEMA Instruments is a reseller of instruments by SGM-Lektra, Isoil Industria, Heinrichs, Aquametro, SAGE Metering, Flow-Tronic, Flow Mon, ESTERS Elektronik, Contrec, KSR Kubler, Nivelco, ATMI, CLR, S:CAN, ThermoFisher, Extech, Watersam, AGAR (Leakwise), Seres, Oldham, Industrial Scientific, Jaquet, Telco, Comark, Kane, Georgin, Toshiba, INVT, Weintek, Hydro Vision, REEL, IREM, Electrex, 4-Noks, Nethix, Yuasa, NRG Tech, Bolinox and Efcon.